From LDBA’s indigo dying class, Field & Supply, Oroboro Store and connecting us with Joyce Lee at Madewell, Sara Moffat has been instrumental in the evolution and success of As Ever. We will always be grateful to her and for her.

For 2018’s Field & Supply, we wanted to collaborate on something we both loved and was representative of what we both do. The work jacket. We combined some of our favorite details of the classic French work jacket and a 1920’s American work jacket that belongs to Astrid. It felt natural to call it the Louise Bourgeois jacket.

Much like naming our Brancusi pant after Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, naming this jacket after French-American artist Louise Bourgeois is a way to bring awareness to art, artists and their presence in and influence on history.

Art and history are two very important parts of what As Ever is and what we would like it to become. We hope to expand on this with the release of some special products that will be tied to artists that we love and find have influence on how we live, work, parent, love and exist with our fellow humans.

photo by Annie Leibovitz

photo by Annie Leibovitz