I’m really happy to have our new zip jumpsuit available.

We used a 100% cotton Japanese twill and 100% cotton thread. YKK brass zipper in nickel finish and Osborne snaps. We have added a new size for the first run and already have two more sizes in the works for the second run. They are all hand dyed.

When I found a rather large stash of vintage zip jumpsuits I thought I would never see the end of what I purchased. That day has come.

When I started making them for the Madewell collaboration, I knew I needed figure out manufacturing if I wanted to continue to make them available. I started sourcing fabric, found a pattern maker, and a local factory. If I was going to produce something new, I wanted to keep the qualities that I think make vintage desirable. Quality textiles, construction, good design and fit.

In comes the steep learning curve.

We worked through many samples and fabric types, keeping the best qualities of the vintage and tweaking areas that needed improvement.

I think we have achieved what I wanted. I say “we” meaning all the people it takes to make this possible. Up until now, Astrid and I have done it all. Now we have a pattern maker, factory, size grader, and fabric/thread/zipper/snap suppliers. Lots of moving parts.

- Mark

1, December 2018