About six years ago I came across a 1930’s kids demim pant that I instantly fell in love with. It was a gift for our daughter Willow. I was not making clothing at the time, just feeding my vintage clothing collector obsession. She loved them and was able to wear for year or two. When she outgrew them, they got packed away in the box for the “grand kids”. The number of boxes for the grand kids has grown considerably over the years. Occasionally we go through them to edit down and make room for more. I never thought I would try to do denim, but when we recently saw these again - I thought, wow how great would it be to have a pair that could fit Willow and Astrid now!

Sourcing denim is mind numbing. There are so many amazing denims out there. One of the well know denim suppliers in the US is Cone Denim Mills. They operated the last US denim mill in Greensboro North Carolina called the White Oak Plant. Its closure at the end of 2017 after a 110 years of operation sent a shock wave across the denim community.

When I stumbled across 175 yards of old stock White Oak Denim I knew I had match.

I’m really excited by how these turned out. I put the raw denim through two washes. For those who love authentic ware and fade, it is recommended to wear as many times as possible between washes. I also did a super faded version for those who love that sun bleached look. Astrid has both.